YouTube Video SEO Optimization Tips 2020

Youtube Video SEO optimization and promotion is the next big thing in world of digital marketing. You must be aware of that YouTube is the second most popular website in the world as per Alexa traffic rank. It reflects how SEO optimization of YouTube videos is a key factor in generating millions of traffic to your website. Publishing the YouTube video and optimizing its content (title, description, tags) is an important part of Inbound Marketing to generate free traffic.

Why YouTube Videos SEO optimization is beneficial for any online business?
1. YouTube is the largest free video uploading and sharing website and your potential customer can also search video content there
2. It increases the credibility of your brand
3. Help brands to generate millions of free traffic to your website
4. If your brand has presence on YouTube that it is an added advantage over competitors
5. People spend more time in consuming video content than text.

How to do YouTube videos SEO Optimization?
Optimizing YouTube Channel & videos is easier than doing SEO optimization for any website or blog. Please go through the following steps:

Title: Like on-page SEO optimization of web-page, you should optimize the Title tags for every YouTube video. Always optimized the Title tag of video with targeted keywords and it should be less than 60 characters.

Description: Explain the video with proper utilization of targeted keywords. Besides explaining, also share the other concrete information which is available in video.

Tags: Always try to include 6-8 relevant keywords as tags. Keep in mind that tags should be closely associated with the uploaded video.

Close Caption: Don’t forget to upload a transcript of the video as some-times YouTube voice recognition software doesn’t shows the 100% accurate.

Check Youtube Analytics: Regularly check YouTube Search Metrics to get the traffic insights under (Youtube Analytics >> Traffic Sources). This will help you in analysing for which keywords your videos are getting View with average view duration and average percentage viewed. In YouTube search metrics, you will also noticed that there are some other non-targeted keywords for which videos are getting views. By analysing the data, you will be able to optimize YouTube videos as well as plan a strategy for upcoming videos.

How to do SEO optimization playlist in YouTube?
1. Optimize Title of Playlist with targeted SEO keywords and as per categories of video in playlist e.g. health tips, winner videos, etc.
2. Optimize Description of Playlist with targeted SEO keywords and as per categories of video in playlist e.g. health tips, winner videos, etc.

SEO Optimization for YouTube Videos and Tips:

YouTube Annotations: Always add annotation as CTA (Call to Action) to increase traffic to websites, leads, sales or subscription to the channel.

Optimize Older Video: Always optimize best performing videos by tweaking title & description and by adding them in correct playlist.

Custom Background: Use a custom background and company logo on each videos as this will help in increasing the branding of your company. You can also put your

Social Media: Show your social media channels icons on Right Hand Side of the videos; by doing this the video content will become more shareable on other social media websites.

Thumbnail: Set best thumbnail of each video as it help in increasing the click through rate of video.

Landing Page URL: Always mention Landing Page URL in the first 2/3 lines of the Video Description to get maximum traffic to the website from description.

Regular Uploading: Create a weekly schedule to upload the videos on YouTube channel.

Effective use of SEO Optimization: It is advisable to identify the opportunity to optimize each and every element of video promotion.

Shaky Videos: If the video you have created is little bit shaky than don’t worry. YouTube will fix the shakiness of the video pro grammatically.

Regular analysis: Regular check the Analytics and optimize the SEO content in video accordingly. Currently YouTube is showing complete data after 2 to 3 days.

Views and view time: Always create video which can get higher number of views and view-time than your competitors.

Analyze Competitor Youtube Channel and Videos: Regularly visit Youtube channel of your competitors, watch them completely and make notes of their Title, Description, Content, video length, picture quality, likes, dislikes and other data points. This will be the best notes for you to optimize your Youtube channel and vidoes.

Comments: Always try to communicate with your customer in videos so that you can get maximum comments from video viewers. Always reply on every comments.


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