24 SEO Off-Page Optimization Techniques 2020

Off-Page optimization for SEO is one of most important activities. There are millions of websites running with quality content but without backlink (off-page) support; these website are not getting ranked in search engine and society is not taking the benefit of them. Links towards the website generated organically or gained through various link building activities are like votes to your website.

There various link building activities but it is always advisable to go ahead with quality link building based on content marketing.

Search Engine Submission: Once the website is live and ready for your visitors (with our without login), submit it in top search engine and local search engine of your target country. In Google and Bing you can submit the website through their webmaster tools.

Content Marketing: Content marketing is considered as one of the best way to gain quality inbound links towards your website. Make a list of website where you can do content marketing, contact them and publish your content them.

Google Local Listing: If you have Off-line presence then register your website in Google local business and verified it. After that your website might visible in Google local search result on page1. This is very useful activities for gaining link from Google business as well as business generation. You can list are your offices in Google and then verified them.

Free Classified Submission: By doing free classified submission, the website will not only get the quality links as off-page activity but also generate business and revenue. Always go for local classified website as they are more relevant to your consumer.

Blogging: Blog writing and posting on different free blog posting websites is very fruitful inbound link building practices. By doing this, the website will get link from content rich page which you can update regularly by adding fresh content. Learn how to start blogging for money by reading the blog.

Blog Submission: Blog submission is useful link building activity towards building link for blog (for both website blog and third party blog). Blog is considered as a great source of generating SEO traffic.

RSS Feed Submission: Submitting the blog RSS feeds in RSS feed website will increase in distributing the blog content on the internet and generating quality links towards the blog and website. This will also increase the website branding thorough blog content marketing.

Article Submission: Article submission is one of the old SEO off page techniques but it is still very successful. Submitting the article in very niche article website is also very benefit link gaining activity.

Info-graphic Distribution: Info-graphics are great way to share information in graphical way. By creating info-graphic and sharing on free and paid info-graphic websites will help in generating lots of links towards the website.

E-book Submission: E-book is great way of doing link building activities; for example if your e-book has good informative content, people on the internet will also refer to e-book.

Slide Sharing: Creation and uploading the content slides on different slide sharing website will generate off-page links toward website. For example, creating and sharing slides on Slideshare.net can generate link to your website and also traffic.

Social Sharing: Social media sharing on top social websites (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, G+, Instagram) will be useful in getting inbound quality links.

Link from Review Website: Links from review websites are great source of earning quality links towards the website. For this, register on review website and keep updating positive reviews of your customer there. But keep monitoring those websites as pissed consumers or your competitors can do negative posting there about your product or services.

Social Bookmarking: It is one of quickest SEO off-page activities to generate links from high authority social bookmarking websites and considered as one of quickest link building activities.

Blogger Outreach: Blogger outreach program is to contact popular bloggers and ask them to write a review or informative blog about your product or services. Sometimes bloggers might ask for money or freebies.

Link from .gov and .edu website: Getting links from .gov or .edu website is little tougher but considered as very useful.

Links from indirect competitor: Links from indirect competitors from same industry is very beneficial. For this you have to identify the websites which are not of your competitor but relevant to your industry and approach them to link to your website.

Wikipedia links: Links from Wikipedia are nofollow but search engines give lot of value to them.

Contextual Links: Always prefer to go with contextual links as search engines give more weightage to contextual links as compared to side or footer links.

Domain Industry Relevancy: An inbound link from medium domain authority website from relevant industry is better than links from high authority domain but irrelevant industry.

High authority website: Links from high authority but relevant industry is considered as one of the best SEO Off-Page techniques.

PR submission: Free and Paid Press release submission is a great way to do content marketing and generate hundreds of quality links towards the website.

Niche Directory Submission: Directory submission is considered as an obsolete techniques but niche directory submission is still considered as good SEO off-page strategy.

Local Directories: Submitting the website in local web directories for gaining one-way links is very useful activity. This will increase the website popularity in the target region.

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