SEO Analysis and Optimization Tools for SEO Audit 2020

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important vertical of digital marketing plan for any organisation and as digital marketing is evolving, need of best & free SEO tools is gaining popularity. SEO optimization tools are very much important from keyword analysis to conversion and user engagement. In this post, I am sharing the list of important tools for SEO Optimization.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is one of the preferred tool used by most of the webmasters (website owners) for tracking visitor’s activities on their websites. Google Analytics tool is freemium web analytics product from Google.

Adobe SiteCatalyst: Adobe SiteCatalyst (Omniture) also very popular web analytics tool and part of Adobe Marketing Cloud. This is paid tool and generally used by companies with high spending budget of web analytics.

Google (Search Console) Webmaster Tool: Google webmaster is one of the widely used tool for website analysis and mainly used by Search Engine Optimizer Experts. It gives you detailed information about how your website in performing in Google search engine and what errors you should correct.

Bing Webmaster Tools: Similar to Google Search console, Bing Webmaster tool is useful to gain insight about how website is performing in Bing search engine result pages and every Webmaster should register his website in it. It gives you detailed information about how your website is performing in Bing search engine and what errors you should correct.

Google Keyword Planner Tool: Google keyword Planner tool is considered as one of the most popular tool for identifying the keyword ideas, estimated search volume, estimated bid, competition and more detailed information on basis of globally & different geographic locations.

Structured Data Testing Tool: Structured data implementation is one of the most important on-page factor. After implementing structured data, it is always advisable to test whether it is implemented properly or not on structured data testing tool by Google Developers.

Word Tracker: Word tracker is also a popular free keyword research tool and also comes with paid version. Here you will find the keywords search volume lessor than the keyword search volume identified on Google Keyword Planner tool but to cross check the data and search volume ratio (trend), it advisable to use free version Word Tracker tool.

Page Speed Insights by Google: Page speed is one of the critical search engine ranking factor and it is always advisable to webmasters and tech team to make website pages fast on all devices. The page speed of all the web-pages should always be faster than your competitor’s websites for mobile as well as desktop.

Xenu’s Link Sleuth: It is a free tool and primarily used by webmasters (SEO) to check the broken links on the website. But if you website has orphan pages then Xenu’s Link Sleuth is not to find all the list of web-pages.

SemRush: Semrush is one of the popular FREE & Paid tools used by SEO and Adwords (SEM) team. It gives very useful insights e.g. top organic keywords, top traffic driven pages, keyword ranking, competitor’s backlink, Adwords ad copies and more.

Alexa Ranking: Alexa Ranking (Free & Paid) is one of the useful SEO tool for website analysis and competitor research, the tool is also popular among CEOs & CMOs. In the free version of Alexa Ranking tool, you can check the website global ranking, top 5 traffic driven countries with Alexa ranking there and other useful information.

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