How to Start Blogging to Make Money?

What is Blogging?
In simple language blogging is writing good, informative and detailed content regularly on blog websites. It is advisable to infuse targeted keywords in your blog content (1000 words plus) with 3% to 4 % keyword density. Adding right keywords in your content will help in bringing free organic traffic from most of the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, Duckduckgo) and will make it more popular. Sooner, your blog with quality content will start appearing in organic results; and gradually your visitors might also share the blog posts links on their social media network or own blog.

How to select good topic for blog?
Selecting any topic for blogging is very easy, write on topic as per your hobby, interest, expertise, experience; in other words write on topics on which you can write in details. The blog content should be informative to your readers.

 How to find right keyword for blogging to make more money?
After identifying your area of interest the next step to find the right keyword for blogging. Always use Google keyword research tool to check keyword search volume potential and calculate how much traffic you can get after reaching on top organic results. Google Keyword Planner tool is one of the most popular & preferred keyword tool and it is free. The other keyword research tools is Word Tracker.

 How to Start Blogging for Money? How to start a blogging business?
Blogging is great source of earning quick money online. To achieve your daily / monthly earning goal, you should do blog posting in same proportionate. For example, on an average 100 blog post can bring 10,000 visits then your blog post count should be 500 post to bring 50,000 visits.

 What are the ways to earn money through blog writing?
When your blog started generating decent traffic, then you would be able to earn money using below suggested way
1. Google Adsense
2. Affiliate Program
3. Reviewing Product & Company
4. Generating leads and sharing them with companies
5. Driving referral traffic to other websites

How to track visitors and identify keyword performance?
Always integrate most popular analytics tools (Google Analytics) code in your blog. This will give you clear picture of your traffic sources, top landing page, bounce rate, geographic & demographic data and more.
By integrating Google Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console), you can identify top performing keywords, clicks, impression, ranking and more. By doing this analysis, you can optimize your blog better and work toward improving the keyword rankings and this way you can make more money through blogging.

What is photo blogging?
Photo blogging is photo sharing activity over the internet through blogging. The popular photo blogging websites are Flickr, Tumblr and Instagram. The best way of promoting your photo is by involving your audience and it should have shareable content.

What is video blogging (vblog)?
Video blog (vblog) is a form of blog and medium is video. Vblog activity is done using video creation which is visible to public and can be reviewed by the audience. The popular video blogging websites are YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo.

What are the best tips for blog optimization?
– Identifying the right target segment and relevant keywords
– Content should be more than 1000 words
– Content should be engaging with in-depth information
– Keyword density should be 3%
– Internal linking to other relevant post
– Implementation of social sharing buttons
– Proper meta tag ( Title, Description, Keywords) optimization
– Unique H1 tag
– Use of Bold / Strong tag
– Regular weekly posting

List of free blogging websites

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