How to Increase More Traffic to Your Blog for Free?

Do you own a personal blog and wants to increase its reach to maximum people online? As per various online surveys more than 96% bloggers stopped blog writing because of no readership. After meeting personally with many bloggers, we came to know the root causes and possible solutions. Here, we are sharing proven strategies to increase more traffic to you blog.

Choose a Niche Category: You want to try blogging on thousands of ideas running in head but can you post all the blog content on one website? Before starting blogging you should first evaluate your knowledge on the topics (categories) on which you want to start blog writing. Before finalizing the blog niche category; you should first make a list of 2 to 5 category on which you would like to start blogging and then check the monthly keyword search volume of relevant keywords for each categories. This way you will identify the right category on which your blog will get good traffic in future. In addition to that, you can also check existing online blogs and evaluate on various parameters e.g. number of posts, content quality, post length and more.

Start Blogging on Own Domain: If you are 100% sure about blog writing and wants to increase its reach to millions of people then always start blogging on personal domain and avoid starting blog writing on any free blogging website e.g. WordPress, Blogger or etc. Blogging on own domain will cost you approximately 2,000 INR to 5,000 INR annually, depends on hosting plans but blogging on your own domain will give you lots of feasibility to optimize design, integrating new features, adding payment gateways and more.

Go for perfect domain name with Right keywords: After identifying your niche category, you should start looking for a perfect domain. The domain name should be catchy, easy to remember for your target audience, contains your main keyword(s), less than 15 characters and all the other extension should be available. Buying a keyword rich domain will help you in gaining top organic rankings in major search engines e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo, Yandex, Baidu and more.

Choose the Right Keywords: Before starting with your first blog post, identify the keyword which you will use while writing your first and subsequent posts. You can use some of your top targeted keywords in most of the posts but targeting the same set of keywords will not help you in getting maximum reach to your targeted audience. You should identify different set of keywords for your each blog posts.

Focus on Long tail keywords: Long tail keywords are keyword phrase with more than 2 or more word. In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it is easier to get search engine visibility with for long tail keywords than one or two word keywords. Also, on page SEO optimization for long tail keywords posts will give clear intent of the content to your target audience.

Blog Content Quality: To increase the blog traffic you should always be strategic about your content and try to write a killer post with useful points, tips or tricks. Your blog content should be so awesome that it can become viral. Also write the blog content not for one time visits but to repeat visitors.

Post Regularly: The success of any blog depends on how many blog post you do in a month? The number of blog posts is directly proportionate to the organic traffic you are looking for. Initially, I would recommend you to post one blog in a day; by doing this you will soon get more organic traffic as well as increase your understanding on how to increase more traffic to your blog.

Make it for People not for Bots: I have analysed hundreds of blogs which are getting good organic traffic as per their niche category but while reading their content it clearly looks that content has been written for bots with proper utilization of keywords but not for human. Many bloggers opt this practice to increase blog traffic fast but later loose the trust of their target audience.

Write Evergreen content: Blogger should always write evergreen content so that later they don’t feel the need of updating the same. For example If you are writing on any annual event (IPL – Indian Premier League) then every year you have to update all the details of the event also such blog post will bring seasonal traffic. On the other hand if you write blog on “7 fruit to build your immunity” then this blog post will remain useful forever.

Optimize for Voice Search: The future of search is voice search and you should start creating your blog content considering this which will drive more traffic to your blog.  

Focus on On-Page SEO: Every blogger wants to increase their blog reach to maximum people by driving organic traffic. To increase your blog traffic fast, you should also optimize the blog using On-Page SEO Optimization Factor checklist.

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