Google Adwords Interview Questions and Answers

Question: What are the business goals of running Google Ads Campaign?
Answer: You can achieve below mentioned 6 objectives as per your business goals by running Google Adwords (Ads) campaign?

  • Drive Sales
  • Get Leads
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Influence Consideration
  • Build Awareness
  • Promote your App

Question: What are the three main principles of Google Ads?
Answer: The three principles are relevance, control and result.

Question: What is relevance, control and result in Google Ads?
Relevance: Relevance helps you to connect with the right audience at the right time, message and channel (Google, YouTube or Partner websites). You can only target the right relevant audience if the target audience is clearly defined while creating Campaigns.
Control: It gives you the complete budget control while running the Google Ads campaign. You can control your daily and monthly ad spends budget for each and every campaign. The best thing that you can change your ad spend budget any time or pause or restart the campaign.
Results: The ultimate goal of running any Google campaign is to get the desired result. Hence, before starting any campaign you should define the campaign goals and keep tracking & optimizing campaigns as desired.

Question: Why you should learn Google Ads?
Answer: Google Ads is useful for everyone whether you are running your own digital marketing company/consultancy or working in a digital marketing team. It is very important to learn Google Ads to understand the digital marketing landscape. Also, you can optimize your new or existing campaign to improve performance. Learning Google Ads will help you in achieving your business goals from an online marketing perspective.

Question: How many campaign types are there in Google AdWords?

Search: Google Search campaign runs on Google and its Search partner network websites. Search Campaigns are helpful to drive action to your website when a user is searching for products & services.
Display: Display campaigns are helpful to increase brand awareness. Usually display campaigns run on a similar interest or category of the website.
Video: Video campaign is helpful in reaching to masses with a powerful message for your brand. Video campaign runs on YouTube, Google Network websites and Apps.
Shopping: Shopping ads appear with the product image and pricing. The objective of shopping ads to increase product sales. These Ads are useful for online shopping websites.
App: App campaign runs on Google search, YouTube, Apps and partner websites. The main objective of UAC (Universal App Campaign) is to increase the App Install, Registration, engagement, in-app actions, sales or registration for different newsletters or other lucrative offers.

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