CMS Website Development SEO Guidelines

Creating the website in an open source CMS is very beneficial. If you have a tech team in place then they can customized the website content management system as per business requirement. If you are managing your website single handed then WordPress is one of the best CMS website available online.

Here, I am mentioning some of the useful tips which may be beneficial while customizing your open source content management system (CMS) and on page SEO optimization of the website.

  1. Always consult with your SEO head or SEO consultant before finalizing any open source CMS (Content Management System) so that he can advise your about the right open source CMS as per business requirement e.g. Magento is considered as one of the popular eCommerce platform.
  1. Always go for open source CMS which takes less customization efforts as this will save your development cost.

Guidelines for Header tag in CMS Website Development:

  • Feature to add optimized Meta tags for each page, categories and sub-categories
  • Placeholder to add Canonical tag for each page, categories and sub-categories
  • Placeholder to add Open Graph (OG) tags [title, type, url, image, description] for each page, categories and sub-categories
  • Placeholder to add href lang tag for each page, categories and sub-categories
  • Placeholder to add meta robots tag for each page, categories and sub-categories
  • Please use tag for meta-view port configuration

meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1”

CMS Guidelines to SEO optimize website:

  • Every page of website should be w3c validated, check your website at:
  • The page speed of each page shouldn’t be less than 95 out of 100. Please check page speed at
  • Add Site Search Box in new CMS so that website visitors can find out other products / pages of the website. This will also help you to identify relevant products/services for which your website visitors is searching for and will be helpful in creating new line of business if there is sufficient demand.
  • Version control of each update by user-id so that every changes can be tracked anytime.
  • Open source CMS should be optimized in a way that older version of pages & design can be reverted, if anything went wrong during new changes.
  • Page creation rights should be given to limited set of team member but publishing rights must be given to higher authority only.
  • There must be a functionality of creating new pages, categories and sub-categories any time
  • Category and page level breadcrumb customization to SEO optimize the page as per business requirement.
  • Drag and Drop: there should be drag and drop option for creating new h2, h3, images, video, rich media and other content block as per business and product requirement.
  • HTML code optimization: HTML code of the page should be written in way that H1 tag should appear in first 50 lines in HTML code then h2, content (under h2 heading), h3, content (under h3 heading), then images, then CSS files, then JS files.
  • Functionality to add images as per requirement; also there should be functionality to add ALT and Title tag on each and every image.
  • Functionality to add / edit / remove content, images, videos, links, CTA form as per business requirement.
  • Option to add internal links from sidebar
    Option for URL re-writing (old URL will be redirected to new with 301). This functionality is available in WordPress CMS.
  • Customize fat footer links at category and sub-category level.
  • Option to implement Micro-Format, Microdata and RDF at the button of click. Also visit to know more about schema markup.
  • Content upload and download for bulk content update should be managed by CSV or MS-Excel files.
  • Newly created page, categories or sub-categories URLs should be added automatically in XML sitemap so that Google search engine will index them faster.
  • Functionality to allow user to give reviews and ratings OR need functionality to update user reviews and rating using csv or MS-Excel file.
  • Externalize the CSS and JavaScript to decrease the page load time.
  • Should be able to make some changes in design to improve the visitor experience as well as conversion rate.
  • Functionality to add social media sharing link and it should be floating so that page can get maximum exposure.
  • The open source CMS (content management system) should be able to create the page as per Accelerated mobile pages (as per Google Webmaster Guidelines).
  • Functionality to add multiple place holder to add JavaScript or other code as per business requirement (e.g. Google Analytics Code, Heat Map Code, Remarketing code & etc.)
  • Functionality to add Marque so that important message (e.g. discount sale) can be deliver to website visitors through entire website.
  • Functionality to add event tracking code to capture any event on the web-page

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